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Georgia Express Meals

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Hot, Healthy, Meals

Fulfilling the mental and physical health needs of the community is our goal at Georgia Express Meals, Inc. 

To achieve this goal, we provide hot, healthy meals for many organizations and companies, including schools and entities involved in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). 


Additional Clientele Includes:


• After-School Programs

• State Sponsors

• Municipalities

• Organizations

• Adult Day Care Programs

• Community Service Boards

• Supper & Summer Meal Programs

Healthy Meals

We have the ability to prepare and ship large quantities of meals, all of which   meet USDA and state health regulations. Currently, we ship more than 300,000  meals per year.

When serving our  customers, quality is very important. We tailor our services to fit our clients' unique needs. All of our meats are baked and we use only top-rated products, including vegetables, bread, and fruits. Our focus is on serving hot, full-balanced meals that prevent problems like childhood obesity and Type II diabetes.


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Georgia Express Meals

(678) 705-8434